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Hydrangeas, Roses and Alstroemeria in a $2 thrift store teapot.  Aren't they beautiful?!

Hydrangeas, Roses and Alstroemeria in a $2 thrift store teapot. Aren’t they beautiful?!

These lovely flowers were purchased for me by my daughter for my birthday.  The creamy hydrangeas really make the color of the roses and the alstroemeria pop! When they first arrived I arranged them in a taller vase, but a few days later cut them and placed them in this teapot I got from a thrift store for $2.  The lid was missing, which was why it was so inexpensive, but who needs a lid for a flower vase?

Flower Tip #1:  Whenever you receive or purchase flowers, ALWAYS recut the stems, preferably underwater, before putting them in the vase.  Florists like to use a knife but I haven’t quite perfected that skill.  I picked up some floral snips from Hobby Lobby and those work well for most flowers.  And to give your flowers the most life:

1. Be sure to use the flower food packet, and follow the directions exactly.

2. Make sure all the foliage on your stems is cut off above the water line.  Foliage will deteriorate in the water and create bacteria.

3. After 2 days, 3 at the most, pour out the water, wash the vase, and fill with new flower food solution. Then recut the stems – at least 1″ – and put them back in the vase.

4. Some flowers will last up to 2 weeks if you keep doing this, making your flower budget go much farther!


I have been mulling over the idea of starting a blog for some time now.  I enjoy reading the thoughts of Reformed thinkers such as Tim Challies, Stephen Altrogge, and Kim Shay.  I love the posts by modern quilters and designers such as Kate Spain and Elizabeth Hartman.  Their projects make me drool!!  And I love flowers, and the beauty they bring to life, but I know they can be expensive!

So here we go!  I hope you enjoy your visit.  Blessings!!

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